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Like a Rainbow

Penulis : ZatyAnuar Masa : 10:39 PM Comments : 0 Labels :
Thank because you had coloured my world like a beautiful rainbow .
Sometimes I reallyreally want to see my future to make sure your in it .
I don't care if you are not perfect because I am definitely not so no matter who you are I always love you for the rest of my life till my last breath and my heart beat !
I can fake a smile when I feel horrible , I can pretend to be happy , I can do a lot of things but what I can't do is pretend not to love you .
I love you for who you are not for what you are or what you have . I love you for your personality , ideas and  because you love me the same way .
Now you have stolen my heart , can you promise me one thing ? Keep it safe and never break it because a day without you is like a world without sunshine and
i need sunshine to light up my life .
I love you . Thank for one more time because make me happy
and make me forget my ex-boyfriend .

just for you Mr. A
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